Adaptation of the Human Species

. . Humans, the “Last Hominids Standing”.

Humans, while magnificent works of art, are just one of many species living on the Earth. Reportedly modern humans are the only hominids who have not gone extinct. As Humans, our observation of the world around us and experience in life, over time forms beliefs and attitudes that manifest into actions. These actions create multiple realities of a shared living environment.  One such belief is that variations of physical appearance are vital to the nature of the person. This Racialism is embedded in the mindset of government officials and citizens in the United States and throughout the world. 

Spiritual awakening, community living and societal hierarchy of antiquity formed the basis for our modern global society. Slavery is a cultural concept born of those theories. For centuries concepts developed from these theories adhere to race as a dominating factor. This are the cultures modern humans have inherited. Before nautical travel began to circle the globe, people were seperated by what seemed to be unsurpassable geological barriers. As fears subsided and boundaries were pushed, land masses previously unknown became known. A main component of this new emerging global society is organizing people on a massive skill.

The United States is a Nation established as a result of learned Colonial behaviors. The concept of creating ownership “rights” over the land and inhabitants is rooted in beliefs and teachings learned as “subjects” of Great Britain. Colonial Americans believed in Civil liberties, rights and freedom for some of the people and created the United States Constitution as a symbol of those shared beliefs. While the right to own slaves is not in the Bill of Rights, Article1 section2 of the Constitution determines how to count slaves for the purposes of taxation and state population. 

Slavery is not just a part of the American Colonial culture, but it was a part of the legal system of government. For some it was a moral dilemma For some it was an economic necessity. Unable to come to an agreement on the issue, States began to succeed from the Union. Seen as a required necessary for the staability of the Nation, Perservation of the Union was the main focus of President Abraham Lincoln As the war continued, people began to waver. The dread and horrors of lives lost was becoming to much for the people to handle and the reality of life for enslaved people in the colonies became more uncertain than ever.

The Civil War seem to be providing no reasonable resolution for their situations. In the end the Union had been preserved. The addition of the Thirteenth Amendment abolished slavery and ended the practice of free labor. The fourteenth ammendentment legislates citizinship and the fifteenth ammendment establishes rights to vote. The concept of equiality is not the reality exhibited in the culture of society.  Influenced by the past, present ideology continues to endorse concepts of race as a factor in the lives of citizens. Only by gaining understanding and knowledge of the changes and events of the world will we be able to evolve, and move forward together, as Humans.

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  1. cdhase

    History that is taught in Majority educational systems need a look at. it is clear that the disenfranchised are getting hand me downs along with other obvious injustices. It appears that some significant facts are not being brought up for discussion, for example, the U. S. Constitution does not recognize non whites as Americans or even “human beings”. this is a basic fact and accepted belief that has been in practice always. Now to change the Constitution is to Change The Constitution. thats heavy. To change it is TO KILL IT. Such a change will be the catalyst of a great reconfiguration of the very function AND IDENTITY of the U.S. for the better as well as for the worst. In order to keep blacks in place, the Constitution as it is will be fiercely defended. We’re feeling the effects right now of its defense. Amendment after Amendment. blacks are not benefitting. Blacks get breadcrumb “Acts.” Also keep in mind that Laws can and are being dissolved and anyone who thinks that a U.S. law will secure their Liberties is being delusional. As of today, protections for Transexuals are being taken away with other considerations for other “special interest groups” to follow. Alternative marriages can be dissolved affecting the families these unions have produced. As ALWAYS the U.S. “Indian Gives”. I see nothing comforting about any U.S. laws being generated for anyone not originally represented by the United States Constitution. it is an intentionally racist document. It is Exclusive.

    1. giddygloveplayaroundchess Post author

      Thank You I appreciate that you took time to share such a thought provoking comment. I hope your comment helps others begin to think about the situation(s) and how we might begin to address and create meaningful positive change.


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