Focus on the Brain Muscle

Brain Muscle Development

Like any other muscle, exercise strengthens the brain muscle. We train our muscles and our bodies to handle physical challenges. Likewise, when we exercise our Brain Muscle. we strengthen and grow our brains to handle intellectual challenges. Thinking Exercises the Brain Muscle. Playing strategic games exercises the brain muscle. Chess is a game of strategy. Chess Exercises the Brain Muscle.

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Challenge Help Encourage Student Success

Playing the game of chess builds an infrastructure in the brain that primes students for problem-solving, forecasting, and strategic thinking.

Play A Round Chess

We want to help Schools add encouraging, thriving, chess communities in their schools and classes. Simply put: We believe every Student would benefit from regular Chess Play and Schools would benefit by creating a developmental learning environment that teaches students to think.

Challenge Help Encourage Student Success

Play A Round Chess in Class

Clubs are a great way to organize the students you teach into one place on Using the week by week Classroom Planner you can learn and teach your students how to play. You can have matches, a leaderboard, and send messages to your students within your GiddyGlove@chesskid platform. Best of all It’s FREE!

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