GiddyGlove Chess Play

Chess is universally recognized as an effective way to help with cognitive and non-cognitive development of Students. Challenge Help Encourage Student Success, Plan Learn Achieve Yearly @School & Life. GiddyGlove PAR’C is a safe place for students to learn and grow.

The Game of Chess

Making Chess Play a daily activity will help to improve concentration, critical thinking skills, focus, and memory of students while they PLAY.

Play A Round Chess Boards

Let’s get ready to File letters and Rank numbers. One big Square, the Chessboard is divided into an 8×8 grid.. There are vertilcal lines, 8 + 8 horizontal lines which create the diagonal lines.t Map out Plots in your Chessboard, It’s all Math!

Play A Round Chess Pieces

Rooks Bishops Queens Oh My! Are those Pawns with a King and Knights that Fly? Six different piece working together to winthe game.

Play A Round Chess In Class

GiddyGlove Play A Round Chess is not designed to help students become Master Chess players. It is designed to help students learn. An educational support tool GiddyGlove Chess Play wjth Parts of Speech helps students remember what they learned in chess lessons by having them do activities that help to with creative writing skills, strengthen their knowledge of chess and the Parts of Speach. Nouns Verbs Adjectives Pronouns Adverbs Interjections, Conjunctions, Prepositions Customizable Chess Play Learning Activity

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