GiddyGlove Chess Play

Chess Play FACTS!

One of the best ways to exercise the brain is to play Chess. Yes, for Students who Play A Round Chess learning and Fun are one in the same. These Students Learn to Focus Assess Concentrate Think Strategize at School and in life. The FACTS that students acquire from playing chess will help them academically and socially. GiddyGlove Play A Round Chess will help students learn to:

F.A.C.T.S. of Chess Play

Focus -. Just like your body, your Brain also requires exercise. When you play chess, your mind gets challenged. Your brain gets active

Assess – Chess involves proper assessment of the chess pieces, places, and next moves, which makes a student learn to properly assess problems to find solutions.

Concentrate – When students play chess their memory skills are developed which improves concentration.

Think – One of the advantages of playing Chess is that the game teaches us to Think. Playing Chess helps students learn to Think before they Move.

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