The Goal

Develop a child’s ability from no knowledge of the game to the level of an experienced thinker…AND HAVE FUN DOING IT! Thinking is a skill. Skills are improved with practice. Chess Play requires thinking. Playing A Round Chess helps students practice thinking,

Does Playing Chess Make People Smart?

We practice, baseball, basketball, football, soccer, track and field, to improve our physical skills we know that we will need to work-out and practice if we want to get better, Thinking is also a skill. Exercising the brain muscle improves thinking skills. Chess is a strategic game,  that stimulates brain activity by requiring the players to Think. The more the player Thinks, the more the player Krows. The more the player Krows, the more the player Grows.

Do Smart People Play CHESS?

Chess is a game that requires Players to focus, analyze, and Think about moves before making them. Some people believe that the challenges of Chess makes it a game for “smart” people and if you know how to Play,“You” must be Smart!

Yes to Both

When you do physical exercise, you improve your physical health. The muscles get tone. You grow stronger and begin to feel better. Your brain is also a muscle. When you do mental exercise such as strategic thinking while playing Chess, your brain grows and you improve your intellectual health.

Play A Round Chess 

The Brain is a muscle. Like other muscles the brain needs exercise. Thinking is exercises the brain muscle. Chess is a game that requires us to think. Chess Play exercises our brain muscle. GiddyGlove PAR’C is both kid-and-classroom-friendly, We brainstormed, outlined, and styled a free format curricula support.

How much do you know about Chess ?

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When you play Chess, Your capacity to think and solve problems increases. 

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