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GiddyGlove Developmental PLAY

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GiddyGlove Play A Round Chess (PAR’C) is an All Inclusive Education Support Tool that will Challenge Help Encourage Student Success in and out of School.

Even if you have never played or taught chess before, our easy to follow lessons and activities are a perfect place to start. effective and efficient CHESS PLAY with students.

GiddyGlove Developmental PLAY

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SEL Skills @School

GiddyGlove PAR’C is an All Inclusive EDUCATIONAL SUPPORT TOOL to help Educators Teach and Students Learn SEL Skills @ School. Complete the form and receive Access to this Tool Now.

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Development of  relationship connections are the foundation of success for young people. CHESS PLAY@School helps Educators Teach and Students Learn Developmental Skills needed In Life.

Chess Play @GiddyGlove PARC offers schools access to resourceful activities designed to create experiences that help young people grow into self-sufficient productive adults capable of taking care of themselves.

GiddyGlove Developmental PLAY