Challenge Help Encourage Student Success by teaching them how to properly Plan Learn Achieve Yearly at School and in Life. An All Inclusive Educational Support Tool, GiddyGlove PLAY A Round CHESS is designed to see students go from no knowledge of the game of Chess, to the level of an experienced THINKER…AND HAVE FUN DOING IT!

Developing the Mindset

Healthy Family relationships strengthens the emotional capacities of young people.

Strong Community relationships are important to the growth of young  people.

Caring School relationships develop social characteristics of young people.

Together these relationships cultivate the developmental assets that people use throughout their lives.

When you do physical exercise, you improve your physical health. The muscles get tone. You grow stronger and begin to feel better. Your brain is also a muscle. When you do mental exercise such as strategic thinking while playing Chess, your brain grows and you improve your intellectual health.

GiddyGlove Chess Play

GiddyGlove Play A Round Chess offers families and organizations that support young people access to resourceful activities designed to create experiences that help young people grow into self-sufficient productive adults capable of taking care of themselves.

The Brain is a Muscle

When we want to improve our physical skills we know that we will need to work-out and practice if we want to get better. Thinking is also a skill. Skills are improved with practice.

Exercise Your Brain Muscle

Chess Play requires thinking. GiddyGlove Developmental Play A Round Chess will Challenge Help Encourages Student Success. Students practice thinking to Plan Learn Acheive Yearly @School & Life. Sign up today →

Should schools include Chess in the Curriculum?

Development of  relationship connections are the foundation of success for young people. Focusing on Social Emotional Learning Skills helps to cultivate Students’ mental health capacities.

Students who Play A Round Chess Learn to Focus Assess Concentrate Think Strategize. FACTS!

CHESS PLAY@School helps Educators Teach and Students Learn Developmental Skills needed In Life.

We believe every Student would benefit from regular Chess Play.

Start Teaching Social Emotional Learning Skills @School!

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