Benefits of Chess Play

Chess is a game that has been played for centuries and for centuries it has been linked with intelligence. According to Brain game, “the notion that playing chess makes you smarter goes something like this: “chess requires concentration and intelligence, and as mathematics and literacy require the same general skills, then practising chess must also improve one’s academic achievement” . However how do we determine who is smart and who is not smart? Does your score on an Intelligence Quotient (IQ)  test “expresses  your intelligence” .Does the number, 100 being Average, higher than 100 being Above Average, and less than 100 being Below Average, accurately illustrate how “smart” you are?

When you do physical exercise, you improve your physical health, the muscles get tone, you grow stronger, and begin to feel better. Your brain is also a muscle. So, when you do mental exercise such as strategic thinking while playing chess, your brain’s capacity to think and solve problems increases. Your brain grows and strengthens. So, just as Physical Activity strengthens and tones muscles, stimulates growth, and improves overall physical health, strategic exercise will stimulate the brain muscle and improve your mental health

Chess is a highly stimulating activity for the brain.  Smart People are attracted towards it as their brain sees it as a fun challenge. At the same time,  Chess is a strategic game,  that stimulates brain activity by requiring the player to Think.

The more the player Thinks, the more the player Grows, the more the player Grows, the Smarter the player becomes. So it can be said that Chess is Both, a game Smart People Play, and a game that Makes People Smart.