GiddyGlove Developmental Play A Round Chess (PAR’C)

Old Game, New Spin

We have brainstormed and designed an All Inclusive Educational Support tool that incorporates the art of Play with the Learning to help students Practice Thinking. Our customizable, interactive, fun lessons are thought provoking exercises in learning to Think. The inter-active , group friendly lessons motivate students to PLAY.

Chess + Play =Learning to Think

Students would benefit from regular Chess Play so we want to help Schools create developmental learning environments that Teach students to THINK by showing them how to Play A Round CHESS. Simply put, GiddyGlove Play A Round Chess is not designed to make students Master Chess players, It is designed to help students Learn to Think. .

Play A Round ChessBoards

Chess is a game that requires Players to focus, analyze, and Think about moves before making them. Playing Chess builds an infrastructure in the brain that primes students for problem-solving, forecasting and strategic thinking. Some people believe that the challenges of Chess make those who PLAY “smart” people.

Playing the Game

The Rook Bishop and Queen work to Protect the King. Along with the pawn and Knight they will Build a Castle in the middle of a Dream Setting. The high-intensity special movements of pawns trying to be Promoted will inspire students and teachers to PLAY A ROUND CHESS.

Starting Positions

GiddyGlove PAR’C is both student-and-classroom-friendly. We brainstormed, outlined, and styled a free format curricula support tool to help students practice thinking while they PLAY A ROUND CHESS.

In Chess a Mate Ends the Game

The Goal of the Game: Capture/Protect the King. Lose the King, Lose the Game, When the King is in Danger: C-H-E-C-K! Oh No, Try C.P.R! If this life saving technique does not give life to the King then it is C-H-E-C-K-M-A-T-E, which is a WIN! However, if the King’s Army is otherwise engaged, the King has run out of Moves, and the King is NOT in Danger, then it is a S-T-A-L-E-M-A-T-E, You do not Lose. You do not Win, but the Game Ends.