Components for Basic Education

Focus on the Brain Muscle

The Brain is a Muscle. Exercise strengthens muscles. Thinking Exercises the Brain Muscle. When students practice thinking they learn to succeed through failure. They begin to believe in themselves and their abilities to strategize solutions to support their success.  Learning through Play, Achieving strategic plans and goals builds belief in their own intellectual skills and competence.

Students will begin to acquire a lasting feeling of the importance of thinking. They become committed to learning and actively engage in the education process. Schools are critical to the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills essential to the “lifelong success” of students.   As a central component in providing the scholastic skills of basic education, educators are tasked to Challenge Help Encourage Student Success @School & Life.

Comprehensive Student Development Plan

The School District has a responsibility to provide access to research and resources, tools, and services necessary for professional education administrators, staff, and educators to provide public school students with a basic education. Family, Community and Faith Based Supports provide additional services, tools, and resources essential to the Social and Emotional Learning and Development Student Character.

Educating public school students comes with a barrage of challenges for school staff, students, and parents.  Despite the challenges, effective development of the relationship between students and staff can help create school and classroom environments in which all  students can succeed.  A Comprehensive Approach to Education will foster positive relationships between students and staff. This strategy can effectively help to cultivate an appreciation for Education in even the most scholastically challenged schools.  

Utilizing Schools to Develop Relationships

Philadelphia public schools not only provide our students with an academic education, they serve as a crucial source in the development of the civic, social, and emotional competencies and skills of Philadelphia youth. The public education system is a critical component in cultivating student character, but it is by no means the only factor in developing the mental capacities of young people.  

Working together, using the Search Institute’s Framework for Developmental Assets®, 40 research-based, positive experiences and qualities that influence young people’s development, parents, teachers, administrators, community leaders, and elected officials can help Public-School Students become caring, responsible, and productive adults.

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