GiddyGlove Chess Play

Chess is universally recognized as an effective way to help with cognitive and non-cognitive development of Students. Challenge Help Encourage Student Success, Plan Learn Achieve Yearly @School & Life. GiddyGlove PAR’C is a safe place for students to learn and grow.

The Game of Chess

Making Chess Play a daily activity will help to improve concentration, critical thinking skills, focus, and memory of students while they PLAY.

Play A Round Chess Boards

Let’s get ready to File letters and Rank numbers. One big Square, the Chessboard is divided into an 8×8 grid.. There are vertilcal lines, 8 + 8 horizontal lines which create the diagonal lines.t Map out Plots in your Chessboard, It’s all Math!

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How much do you know about the ChessBoard.

The Brain is a Muscle. Thinking Exercises the Brain. Exercise Your Brain Muscle. Play A Round ChessBoards

Play A Round Chess Pieces

Rooks Bishops Queens Oh My! Are those Pawns with a King and Knights that Fly? Six different piece working together to win the game.

How much do you know about Chess Pieces

 Do you know the Chess Pieces