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We believe every Student would benefit from regular Chess Play and Schools would benefit by creating a develomental learning enviornment that Challenges Helps Encourages Students Success @School & In Life ChessKids provides the most advanced  tracking and measurement tools in the chess software industry.

Supplementing any homeschooling program with the tools and resources of will create a flexible, fun, creative, and intuitive way to learn the game of chess.

Teachers and schools just starting their programs can quickly and accurately assess how students are using the program and if they are understanding concepts of Chess. The Educational Objectives and Supplemental Activities in the ChessKids Classroom Planner were written by 2019 Chess Educator of the Year, WFM Elizabeth Spiegel – a chess coach and teacher at New York City’s Intermediate School 318 (I.S. 318).Our written curriculum is aligned to meet Common Core State Standards.

Chess coaches and clubs finally have the all-in-one supplemental tool for their chess programs that won’t break the bank and won’t be difficult to implement. For most chess coaches, ChessKid’s tools are a necessity, not an option! Schools may be closed but learning does not stop. Create a Giddyglove PAR’C chess club and Challenge Help Encourage Student Success @Life.

  • Start Club
  • Choose for Coaches option
  • On Left Click Orange SIGN UP button
  • Choose Username and password
  • Sign up Your Players
  • Play A Round Chess
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