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An All Inclusive Education Plan for Student Success

By giddyglove

Post date: March 14, 2021

Social Emotional Learning Skills for Success

Public schools not only provide an academic education, they serve as a crucial source in the development of young people. Focusing on Social Emotional Learning Skills helps to cultivate Students mental health capacities. Educators can Challenge students to fail in order to Help teach them how to succeed through failure. Educators can Encourage students to focus analyze, and strategize solutions Students will Plan Learn Achieve Yearly Success using their own intellectual skills and competence

A critical component in cultivating student character, public schools are tasked with a barrage of challenges that help to hinder the education process. A Comprehensive Approach to Education will foster positive relationships between students and staff.

Social Emotional Learning @School


GiddyGlove PAR’C Perspective

By giddyglove

Post date: February 22, 2021

Focus on the Brain Muscle

The Brain is a Muscle. Exercise strengthens muscles. Thinking Exercises the Brain Muscle. When students practice thinking they learn to succeed through failure. They begin to believe in themselves and their abilities to strategize solutions to support their success. Learning through Play students set goals, strategize plans, and achieve goals, which builds belief in their own intellectual skills and competence.

There is Always Time To PLAY!

Plan Learn Achieve Yearly @ School

Students who Play A Round Chess recognize the importance of thinking in and out of class. They become committed to learning and actively engage in the education process.

Challenge Help Encourage Student Success @School

Schools are critical to the development of cognitive and non-cognitive skills essential to the “lifelong success” of students. Working together, with parents. schools can help students become caring, responsible, and productive adults.


Simplify the Method

By giddyglove

Post date: February 26, 2021

Whether you are an opponent or supporter of the PA School System Assessments there is a general desire to see our young people receive Basic Education that will equip them with the skills they need to become healthy, productive, self- sufficient adults. The debate over how to do this is has been going on for decades. It is our children who suffer the consequences of the choices we make on their behalf. Choices we make based on what we believe our students need. 

Developing Student Mindset

Many schools have successfully begun to use a Developmental Asset Approach to educating their students. Instead of making assumptions about what students need, they ask the students what they need, Using a variety of Student Assessment Surveys they were able to help motivate students to succeed. Using the Developmental Asset Approach identified by the Search Institute, we can focus on developing internal strengths and external supports relationships that will help “motivate students to grow and thrive”.

GiddyGlove Developmental PLAY!

Moving forward, the education of our youtng people should not be deduced to the economic cost. As a society we are failing to properly educate our young people. We are so focused on “funding” we have all but abandon the goal of providing our students with a “thorough and effective public education”. It may not be easy, but it is possible to help our children Learn to Think.


Chess Play benefits Students

By giddyglove

Post date: February 26, 2021

Challenge Help Encourage Student Success

Chess is a highly stimulating activity for the brain. A strategic game in which you not only have to think about your moves, but you also have to keep in mind what your opponent might be thinking. Actively analyzing, planning, and strategizing GiddyGlove CHESS PLAY will Challenge Help Encourage Student Success by showing them how to Plan Learn Achieve Yearly at School and in Life

Play Learn Acheive Yearly

In the game of chess, there are two Armies locked in a battle of wits, to control the Kingdom. The objective is to capture the Opposing King before the Opposing Army captures Your King. Constantly having these analytical thoughts coursing through the mind, players are consistently calculating and recalculating actions and moves to form strategic plans.


The more a student Plays A Round Chess the more a student is required to think. The more a student thinks, the more a student mindset will grow. The more the mindset grows, the Smarter the student becomes. The Developmental Asset Approach identified by the Search Institute highlights the importance of a student’s commitment to learning. GiddyGlove CHESS PLAY will help students commit to learning and thinking… and have fun doing it.