What Are Developmental Assets?

What Are Developmental Assets?

The core skills that are brains use to learn, reason, concentrate, think and remember are Developmental Assets. Actively cultivating and nurturing the mental health of our children , we improve their chances of growing into self-sufficient, civil, productive adults capable of taking care of themselves . Developmental Assets ® are 40 research-based, positive experiences and qualities that influence young people’s development, to help them grow to become caring, responsible, and productive adults.

 Research has shown that students who have the most developmental assets, despite socioeconomic status, not only do better in school, they are more civically active, and less likely to abuse drugs, use alcohol or frequently engage in acts of violence.

The brain is a muscle. Muscles need Exercise. Thinking Exercises the brain Muscle. Thinking is a skill and with practice it can and will improve. If we want to help our children become self-sufficient adults capable of taking care of themselves, we will need to help them learn to think. This will not happen in a day. It will not happen in a week. Not in a month or a year. It is a process that will take time.  

 Giddyglove PAR’C PLAY focuses on enhancing Social-Emotional Learning skills of students by providing educators with an easy and effective way to help their students Exercise their Brain Muscle and have fun doing it. We use a Developmental Asset Approach to helping students learn and grow up to become caring, responsible, adults who positively contribute to society. 

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