Perfect for Schools

Perfect for Schools

We'd like to inspire YOU to teach chess this school term! So the least we can do is provide this Free Resource as a jumpstart for your program. Chess introduces math, vocabulary and social-emotional concepts for kids - all within the fun context of Learning how to play the game of chess When you Join Giddlyglove PAR”C @ ChessKid you will be provided access to the most advanced tracking and measurement tools in the chess software industry. Teachers new to the game and schools just starting their programs now can quickly and easily learn How to Play Chess.

Don’t know how to Play Chess? That’s okay, You and your students can learn together! The curriculum is suitable for both classroom and one-on-one instruction and is written to be accessible even if the instructor or parent is relatively new to chess. 

Complete the form to download this free Curriculum in English or Spanish + Common Core State Standards Guide. 

What You’ll Get

Chess has always spoken the language of Bloom's Taxonomy and Higher Order Thinking, and Chesskids help bring this to life with original and comprehensive curriculum.

Included in the full version, Educators will find:

  • Included in the full version, Educators will find:
  • Essential Questions with every chess diagram and concept taught
  • Classroom Activities and Practice Pages - to help improve the practical application of the target concepts taught in each lesson
  • Full Appendix of all CCSS ELA standards met
  • Multiple Pacing Guides - designed with flexibility to work well with any school district or even Homeschool environment and more!

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