Civic Life In A Sovereign Society

The reality of life in our sovereign nation is that people rely on Elected and Appointed Officials to implement legislation and policy that will serve Public interest In these times of need citizens Hope officials are working diligently to identify and provide safety guidelines that serve the good of Public Safety. We Trust healthcare and treatments will be implemented to benefit and protect Public Health. We are told that we are all in this together and we want to Believe that is the case

 In the interest of Public Health & Safety, governments all across the globe are enacting laws that require people to #StayHome. This has meant the closing of Public Schools, government service agencies, and many small for profit and not for profit businesses that provide goods and services to the community.  Essential for some, non-essential for others, many facilities and services have been ordered by authorities to shutdown. Mandates to wear mask in public grow increasingly louder. Some people do and some people do not understand or agree with this course of action. Therefore, some people will comply and some people will resist.

Theory, even when accepted, is not a fact. Guidelines and practices based on theories of what is and what is not known might tell us why the coronavirus epidemic became a pandemic. Or how contagious the virus is and why it spreads so quickly. Theories may or may not correctly explain prevention and treatment. While Legislation created as a result of these theories may or may not work, good or bad, change is inevitable. We have no idea which “theories” dictate the Laws we have recently passed and will pass in the future, We know that this is not the first pandemic the world has experienced. and this will not be the last. Sovereignty granted by the people has allowed State and Federal branches of government to create unprecedented challenges to our Civil Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

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