We the People Understand…?

We the People Understand that we do not all think alike. We Understand that our views and perspectives on what it is to be human, life and the world, or worlds, depending on your beliefs, are different. We Understand that each living person has an Inalienable natural right in life to think for themselves that supersede government mandates, social influence, and cultural norms. We the People Understand that this right to think comes with the right to life. We the People Understand that our right to think remains with each of us throughout our lifetime.

We the People Understand, that viruses come in different forms and can cause a multitude of problems within the body. We understand that viruses cause illness like the  Common Cold , HIV, SARS and Covid 19.  While catching a cold can cause disruption inside the body, HIV can complete destroy the bodies immune system.  As a safety precaution and protection from Covid 19 spreaing, all over the world, changes that profoundly impact our daily day to day lifestyles have been set in place.

We the People Understand that we are in the midst of a “pandemic” and that many of the people in leadership positions felt it necessary to halt many aspects of our infrastructures to ensure the safety of citizens. These changes challenge the very nature of being human in a globally connected communal society. but together we will do what we have done so many times in the past, find out how to contain and treat the virus.

We the People Understand that during times of crisis hard choices have to be made. Some of those choices have seen essentially life-saving medical procedures delayed, our children denied access to adequate public education, and the demand and cost of food and basic necessities go up tremendously. Transportation systems stopped or severely slowed. Courts and other governmental services severely interruted, and calls to stay home grow louder.  


We the People Understand that our leaders have to take public health safety measures to try and stop the spread of Covid 19.  We the People Hope our leaders used critical thinking skills to work through the issues, We want to believe that they are constantly evaluating the multitude of information to consider,  available options and using the facts of the premises, We want to trust that they came up with  deductive solutions about course of actions to use. They know that what they do today will determine the course of our tomorrow. We the People Understand…Right?

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